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project development.

Integrating knowledge of construction and subdisciplines throughout your project to bring creative, cost-effective solutions.

1. Pre-Design

Site Analysis

Program Feasibility

Facility Assessment

Organizing critical variables during due diligence yields a cost-effective approach to inform timely decisions maximizing the outcome of your investment. 


2. Design

Concept Designs


3D Presentations

Translating your pre-design findings into a visionary context to clearly convey your concept, scope and deliverables.


Collaborating with your team, equipment vendors, design consultants and general contractor to represent your goals and vision throughout the design process.


Building your project digitally in 3D so anyone can virtually walk through the project before breaking ground. 

3. Development and 

Design Integration

Contractor Costing

Construction Documentation

Refining your design collaboratively with vendors and consultants to seamlessly integrate code compliance, equipment and system needs.


Coordinating all deliverables into contractual documents for costing, permitting and construction.

Ba_PlaceHolder_Service-4_Dev Doc.jpg

4. Representation

Planning & Zoning 

Building Codes 

Presenting technical documentation, alongside civil engineering, to delineate your design intent with the goal of maximizing favorable and flexible development conditions of your zoning resolution.


Presenting technical documentation, with building code officials, to clearly reveal commercial, industrial and manufacturing code compliance in order to expedite building permit review and approvals.

5. Construction Administration

On-site Assessments

Cross-disciplinary Resolutions


Proactively identifying construction obstacles and working alongside the general contractor and consultants to preserve your design.


Resolving of construction challenges, design substitutions, scheduling and cost adjustments to keep your project on track.

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